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Our expert trainers and consultants can help you implement High-Impact HIV Prevention programs, improve your ability to work with people living with HIV/AIDS, and build a stronger workforce. Please scroll down to view the courses we have to offer.

High-Impact HIV Prevention Regional Summit

HIV Treatment 101

This self-paced course covers the basic biology of HIV infection and treatment. It is designed for clinical and non-clinical providers who are new to the HIV field and/or would like to receive a “refresher” on basic HIV information.

HIV Treatment 201

This online course will use the HIV Care Care Continuum as a framework to provide an in-depth look at how the HIV treatment paradigm has shifted over the past three decades. It is designed for clinical and non-clinical providers in the HIV field who have existing knowledge and experience in HIV prevention and treatment.

Introduction to the AIDS Drug Assistance Program

This 1 hour, 2-module course is designed to give users an understanding of the fundamentals of the ADAP program and its eligibility requirements.

This course was developed with the Office of AIDS at the California Department of Public Health.

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Chicago Summit Application 2018

We are excited to host our second, regional High Impact Prevention (HIP) Regional Summit from March 22-23, 2018 in Chicago, IL.